Search for chief continues

Howard and Grunch
Mayor Ron Grunch presents retiring chief Randy Howard with a certificate of appreciation for his work. (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)
The City of Boyne City continues the search for a police chief

By: Amy Bascom, Contributing Writer
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Mayor Ron Grunch presents retiring chief Randy Howard with a certificate of appreciation for his work. (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)

City officials are still searching for a new Boyne City Police Chief after former chief Randall Howard retired from the position after two decades in December.

Michael Cain, Boyne City Manager, said a panel is currently re-reviewing the 30-plus applicants for the position in hopes of narrowing the pool.

“We had 32 applicants for the position and what I have done is gone over them on several occasions and ranked them by what I think would be best for the city,” said Cain.

Craig Remsberg was named Interim Boyne City Police Chief in early December while city officials search for Howard’s replacement.

According to Remsberg, the search is going good.

“Currently they (the committee) are sifting through applications,” he said.

The process of finding a new department head is a multi-step process, said Cain.

While they are through with the advertisement and receiving applications, it has been the next step that has taken most of the time.

Since Cain has no police enforcement experience, he has enlisted in several members of the police department for their feedback.

Once that was completed, the next task was to assemble a panel of other local government officials with police experiences to aid in the interview process.

“We have it narrowed down to four or five applicants that we want to bring in for interviews,” said Cain.

Once the interviews have been completed, Cain will make his recommendation and bring it to the Boyne City Commission for confirmation.

“We hope to have the decision by the second meeting of June (on June 26) or the first meeting in July (on July 10),” said Cain.

In a decision like this, Cain said that taking time and not rushing the process is highly important. “We need to give it the time it deserves,” he said.

In the meantime, Remsberg and the entire police department are doing an exceptional job, according to Cain.

“They have really shown me a lot,” Cain said. “I’m really impressed with the team and the work they’ve done. They have not skipped a beat.”

He added, “I’ve really enjoyed seeing people take on different roles as we make this transition.”

Remsberg stated in December that he would be putting his application in for the full-time position. However, according to Cain, Remsberg recently withdrew his application from the process.

Cain hopes to have the process, which has taken six months to get to this stage, completed soon.

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