New art gallery opening in Boyne City

A new type of art gallery owned by Mariah and Vicki Hankins will be coming to Boyne City. Read further to see where, when, and just why this new business will be so unique.

By: Megan A. Wilson, Contributing Writer

Boyne City is getting a new kind of gallery Memorial Day weekend

Magpie and Mana is a celebration of all things art, and is owned by Mariah Hankins and her mother Vicki who is her business partner.

Magpie and Mana will have artists that do paints, and will also have textilists that exhibit tapestries, the gallery will even have a kiln that people can pay to use.

Also featured in the gallery will be ceramics.

“We will be having woodcarvers and photographers as well, the artist’s work will be displayed in albums.” said Hankins.

The name Magpie and Mana came from a combination of things.

“A magpie is a bird, kind of like a crow that collects things to put in its nest, it’s very interesting”, said Hankins. “Mana is a divine sense of purpose in all things around you, and the idea that you shape your own future.”

Hankins has been involved in art her entire life, and is a traveling artist that has had several works sold in galleries.

“I’ve had this idea for a gallery since I was in high school”, said Hankins “With today’s graduation requirements there is little room for students to take art classes as they are forced to take more academic subjects.”

One way Magpie and Mana is planning to give back to the community is through the Sprout program.  This program allows artists at the gallery to mentor students, ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

After students are past the fifth grade mark it is no longer Sprouts, they are considered to be mentored.

“As well as our resident artists we will also be having a featured Artist of the Month,” said Hankins.

One of the resident artists at Magpie and Mana is Jasmine Lace, who is a textile artist that weaves and dyes her own materials.

“I met Mariah through friends at Blissfest.  I am the coordinator of  it which is where people trade things that they don’t want anymore”, said Lace.

Magpie and Mana will be open from 10a.m. to 11p.m. everyday except Sundays on which it is closed.

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