Getting to know Teresa McGill

Getting to know Teresa McGill of Boyne City

By: Chris Faulknor, Publisher
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Born in the small town of Alma, Teresa McGill began her life with a strong sense of family and a healthy imagination.

“I was a tomboy in grade school, but loved to read and be outside,” said McGill.

“I also loved to pretend I was a teacher with my stuffed animals,” she added.

McGill also found her maternal grandparents be influential growing up, even passing on a love of theirs to her.

“My grandfather was unable to continue working due to kidney disease, so my parents and grandparents ran an antique store growing up,” she said.

“I loved antiques and old stuff, and started collecting things when I was little,” she added.

While McGill began studies at Alma College to become a teacher, her life quickly changed when she got married and moved north.

McGill went back to school, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Central Michigan University, working for the Alba School District for 5 years as a bookkeeper.

Getting into crafts and antiques, McGill then moved back into the antiques industry, working for the Busy Bridge Antique Store in East Jordan.

There she met Mary Faculak, who currently serves as Executive Director of the East Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

“I started doing bookwork for the Chamber, and eventually started working for Mary at her store in East Jordan which she has had for 20+ years,” said McGill.

When Faculak opened Mary’s of Boyne, McGill moved over and now serves as the Manager.

In addition to her work, McGill also performs country music with her husband, which she has done since 1994.

“We travelled around the midwest performing at fairs and festivals still while working full time,” she added.

Her life changed again when a trip to photograph lighthouses brought her face to face with an exotic bird.

“We have been doing wildlife photography for almost 12 years now,” she added

The McGills now work out of Seney National Wildlife Refugre most weekends in the summer and enjoy journaling.

“In the winter, we have our eagle blind outside of BC off Old State Rd. on Bauman. We are actually heading out their on Christmas Day,” she added.

Most of their journals and photos can be found on their website, McGill’s Nature in Motion.

“I love sharing my passion for the Great Lakes State of Michigan and the hidden treasures that are in our own backyard just waiting to be uncovered,” said McGill.

“I hope to encourage the next generations to get out and experience those wonders, too.”

McGill boasts a 7 1/2 year old great niece and a 4 1/2 year old great nephew, both of whom have been on several excursions.

“We need to get out and enjoy nature not inside playing video games or texting,” she added.

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