Getting to know Eric Jaqua

Getting to know local musician Eric Jaqua

By: Chris Faulknor, Publisher
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Eric Jaqua can be seen in a variety of scenes throughout Boyne City.

Most notably, he can be seen in various musical settings, including Stroll the Streets locally, but his background and life far transcends the heartsongs that can be heard downtown on those summer nights.

Born in Ypsilanti, Jaqua moved to the Detroit area, staying there until the age of 10 when he moved to nearby East Jordan.

It wasn’t long before Jaqua picked up on music and his calling, however, as his paid musical career began in the eighth grade in an unusual way.

“As a kid I was a big fan of Wierd Al, so I would write parodies of his parodies, such as Lola that he turned into Yoda, then I turned Yoda into yoga. A song all about yoga,” he said. “I would then perform them for my 8th grade class, and sell copy’s of the lyrics for a quarter a piece, some with autographs.”

Jaqua also found himself drawn to other venues of performance such as theater.

“I wanted to be an actor when I grew up; still do,” said Jaqua.

Later, Jaqua moved downstate and became a baker at Tim Horrors and later a butcher at Meijer.

“When I moved back home I got a job at Pierson’s at Boyne Mountain where I worked as a dishwasher for about five years,” he said, adding that he recently left to focus on music and an upcoming record label.

Overall, Jaqua simply enjoys playing his music.

“I have to do it daily or I get super depressed,” he said. “My mind is always thinking about what to do next.”

He added, “Thats what keeps me going.”

Jaqua is currently one half of Hipps n’ Ricco, a performing group conceived by Charlie Witthoeft and himself, which will be participating in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennesee.

Jaqua is also proud to be starting a record label called Quo Vadis Records with Charles Burkle, a friend and recording engineer.

Additionally, a side band called The MadHouse Gossip, which Jaqua is a part of, plays occasionally at City Park Grill, the next performance of which will be Jan. 5, 2013.

Jaqua does try not to limit himself to one field, and has taken up an interest in visual media.

“I really love photography and working with videos,” he said.

Self taught, Jaqua does occasional promotional work for the bands and groups he participates in, and aspires to make music videos for other groups as well.

Despite all of this, Jaqua maintains one philosophy: live one day at a time.

“Rinse and repeat, one day at a time. Rinse and repeat.”

Upcoming, Jaqua is also proud to announce a fundraiser show at the City Park Grill on December 15th to assist Hipps n’ Ricco with gas for their travel to the Blues Challenge where they are eager to represent Northern Michigan.

Boyne City officials, from school leaders to city commissioners, met for their annual joint session on Tuesday Dec. 4.

Among the topics discussed were the development of the Boyne Theater, the Boyne City Public Schools machining class, and the Federal Screw building.

Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss briefed the attendees on the new machining class being offered to area high school students.

“We continue to grow,” he said. “It’s been a real gratifying experience.”

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain dispelled rumors that Federal Screw may be reopening any time soon.

“I talked to those folks, and they have told me they have no plans to do anything like that at this point,” he said. “They’re just maintaining the building and using it for storage of equipment they have at some of their other sites.”

Boyne City Main Street Program Manager Hugh Conklin said the Boyne Theater steering committee has been chosen and the group is in the due diligence phase of researching how best to move forward with the building, which has been offered by donation from a local business owner.

Conklin said Boyne Thunder and the farmers markets have been big successes.

Conklin said there has not been much movement with the Dilworth, but that the project is a priority.

Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim Baumann, who is also the chair of Team Boyne, gave an update on the economic restructuring arm of the Boyne City Main Street Program.

“The good thing about it is it includes a bunch of people from different organizations,” he said. “We all get together about once a month and make sure we’re all on the same page and exchanging information—it’s the city manager, it’s the main street director, it’s the library director, it’s the boyne arts commission, NLEA.”

Baumann added, “A big part of what we do is encourage entrepreneurs.”

During the meeting it was also announced that there is interest in developing a dog park.

Though the park is not a certitude, there is a potential location at Avalanche Mountain park and a need for benches for pet owners and water for thirsty pets.


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