EJ City Commission highlights

John Doebel
East Jordan Commissioner John Doebel is sworn in by Clerk Cheltzi Wilson. (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)
The East Jordan City Commission met for its regular meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21, meeting at the EastJordan Civic Center.

By: Benjamin J. Gohs, News Editor
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East Jordan Commissioner John Doebel is sworn in by Clerk Cheltzi Wilson. (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)

The East Jordan City Commission met for its regular meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21, meeting at the East Jordan Civic Center.


Doebel sworn in
East Jordan City Commissioner John Doebel was sworn in during the East Jordan City Commission’s regular Tuesday Feb. 21 meeting. Doebel replaces Ray Fisher who resigned over health reasons.

New meeting venue
The commission is now meeting in the East Jordan Civic Center which offers more public seating.

Recreation plan update
Mark Robinson of Wade Trim updated commissioners on the 2012-2017 Recreation Plan.

Robinson said the next 30 days is the official review period for the plan, during which public input is welcome.

“I want this draft action plan to be a cross-section of small projects, large projects … and I really need everyone to respond to that with what you think might be important,” Robinson said. “We should use that action plan … to address your priorities.”

Copies of the plan are available at the East Jordan Library and at East Jordan City Hall.

A public input meeting has been set for the 7 p.m. Tuesday March 20, East Jordan City Commission meeting

Properties fund

As was originally first reported in the Boyne City Gazette, the East Jordan City Commission discussed and ultimately voted to eliminate the city’s former properties fund.

Proponents of the move cited a greater ability to utilize revenue from the sale of city owned properties on potential projects, acquisitions or tax savings. The usage of the former fund, formed in the early 1990s, was limited to the purchase of structures and property.

The fund contained nearly $70,000.

“My only problem with this is if we up and reclaim the funds from a facility … and then we end up turning around and squandering it then it’s gone,” said East Jordan City Commissioner Thomas Breakey. “This was set up years ago just to have a fund to put monies that they would get once you sell something.”

Breakey was concerned that the funds would end up becoming general fund dollars.

East Jordan City Commissioner Tony Cutler said the problem with the old system was that it would prevent the city from selling a property and using the money to enhance the marina or provide for other improvements on existing structures.

Approved by a vote of 4-3

Division Street repaving
The City of East Jordan has been granted a road task force grant in the amount of $239,742 to reconstruct Division Street from Buzel east to the city limit line in 2013.

The plans on the project have to be ready by June and a local match nearly $60,258 if the project ends up bidding at the engineer’s estimate of nearly $300,000.

The road construction would include an eleven-foot striped lane with a one-foot paved shoulder and a two-foot gravel shoulder on either side.

No water or sewer improvements are proposed at this time.

The matching funds could come from the Charlevoix County Road Millage funds.

Tax assessor contract
Charlevoix County’s tax assessor is retiring and the county is seriously considering doing away with the position and leaving it up to local entities of government to hire their own assessor.

Currently, East Jordan pays approximately $34,000 for its assessing services.

East Jordan City Administrator Bob Anderson said he will keep the commissioners informed as he learns more on the issue.


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