Christianity and Multi-Level Marketing

Chris Faulknor compares Christianity to multi-level marketing companies and gives tips on growing in both.


Christianity is much like multi-level marketing.

I’ll bet you haven’t heard that one before.

Some people love it and some think it’s a hoax, but nobody can deny that multi-level marketing has been on the rise.

First off, let’s start with the basic reasoning.

For some, multi-level marketing is a misguided attempt to “get rich quick,” while for others it’s a chance to grow and improve themselves and build a foundation.

That sounds familiar to many of you because all too often, people treat Christ like a vitamin—one prayer will save you and all of your spiritual needs are met for the rest of your life, right?


Jesus is not “get rich quick.” A relationship with Jesus Christ is something you will have to grow and build and work on to maintain.

Prayer, fellowship, and living in his example are what keep it growing, much like hard work, learning, and networking will keep that business of yours up and running.

Now, what about the selling part?

Well, step #1 of any multi-level marketing company is selling your product, and just like that face cream and make-up, you need to be able to “sell” the idea of a higher being without being a snake.

You know the type, right? The type that brings you into a frenzy of emotion, brings you to tears with a well-worded sermon, and then asks you in a cyclone of emotion to make a life-changing decision.

That’s when we get into the last part, the part where the “multi-level” comes in.

You see, the principle behind these marketing companies is that you gain customers who, like you, will become salespeople.

They will then train others to become sales people, and you are promised a commission off of everyone’s sales.

We are taught as Christians to make disciples who make disciples (who make disciples, etc.)

The idea is to spread what we know to be the truth to as many people as possible.

So, I’ve convinced you that they’re similar, so now let me offer you some tips to spread the word of Christ (and even grow your business selling Avon.)

  1. Don’t dupe people. Ever. The minute someone feels manipulated into doing something, they will run away and distrust anyone from the church (or company, as the case may be.)
  2. Believe in your product. If you’re not using that face cream, oil, mouthwash, or vacuum cleaner in your own life, how can you sell it, and more importantly, why should they buy it? And while we’re there, why should they trust you to guide them towards Christ when you’re not living up to these values either?
  3. Allow the products to sell themselves when appropriate. That could be by allowing someone to try your new eye-liner, offering them a glass of your oil-infused juice, or even giving them something to take home. Guess what, Christians? If you bring people to Christ and encourage them to grow, the holy spirit tends to be kinda helpful (and by “kinda helpful,” I mean instrumental, amazing, and perfectly in-tune to what is needed)
  4. Don’t expect to get rich quick. There is no such thing as getting rich quick, and no matter how amazing that body wrap is, it’s going to take hard work to get it out there and grow. It will take years and years to build this business, just like any business. Again, don’t expect that you’re going to give a Christ-themed message and people are going to come to you by the thousands and be saved. That’s not how it works. Expect, rather, to take months to get one person down on their knees.
  5. Make sure you’re with the company that best suits you. Without getting specific, some multi-level marketing companies have potential, and others just might be scams. With that, even among the good companies, some fit certain people and some don’t (picture me trying to sell make-up remover, for example) Are you with a church that guides and supports you, and that matches your beliefs? I don’t advocate one church over another, but I do advocate finding one that fits your needs. You can’t sell someone a product you don’t believe in, and you’re certainly not going to get anywhere by bringing someone to a church that you’re not even comfortable in.

So there are five steps to bring your friends to Christ (or make your business selling encyclopedias have a slightly better chance at success)

If you have any questions, contact your immediate upline for assistance at (866) 555-PRAY.

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