Working With Our Government

By: Chris Faulknor, Editor
(231) 582-2799 

As you might recall, I put together a piece in honor of our upcoming election about a month ago entitled, “What I Expect From My Government Officials.”

To be fair, there is plenty for them to expect from us as well.
Their attempts to represent the best interests of the public cannot be successful without the help and cooperation of their constituents.

Here is what you can expect if you are representing me.

  1. I will come to you respectfully with my opinion, and do so without attacks of a personal nature, disrespect, or undue malice.  Our politicians are human.  Treating anyone like dirt will yield the same in return.
  2. When I can, I will give you specifics when I approach you with a problem.
  3. I will separate your office from my treatment of you as a person.  I may not like your vote on a matter, but that will not stop me from greeting you in the grocery store, or smiling as I see you on the street.
  4. I will do my best to represent your side fairly, and present it alongside the others.  This, of course, is contingent upon both sides being willing to talk and provide information.
  5. Finally, you will always hear about my issue as it becomes an issue.  I will not hold my anger for the next year and release it when something pushes me over the edge.

As a newspaper, we have the pleasure of keeping the public informed of what their government is doing, as well as what others think through our Letters to the Editor section.

Newspapers didn’t begin out of comics and crosswords, they began as a way for people to be involved with their government, even if they can’t be at the meetings.

They began to exist (and will continue) as the social network for their community, and keep the people together and united.

For this opportunity and honor, we offer our gratitude.

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