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The weekly editorial column of Chris Faulknor

By: Chris Faulknor, Editor
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This past week, I was fortunate enough to visit the Charlevoix County Commission, and personally observe their proceedings.[private]

I sat in the back and watched as County Commissioner Chris Christensen introduced a plan that would allow a decrease in the taxes levied on the taxpayers of this county.
Needless to say, I am pleased to see ANY drop in tax levies, and especially pleased that it was the Commissioner representing the district in which The Boyne City Gazette is headquartered.
I was also proud to see that despite some displeasure from some of the other commissioners regarding the timing of this proposal, they saw the bigger picture and supported the idea.
It takes courage to hold a public office – you are subjected to scrutiny from people you don’t even know, and as you sit on a raised platform at a meeting, the audience is analyzing every smile, every nod, and every twitch.
I admire those who step up with a willingness to take on this responsibility, and encourage them when I can.
When any of these office holders grit their teeth on something that personally irritates them and make the choice to vote for what is best for the taxpayers, it deserves praise and encouragement.
With that in mind, we have an election coming for Boyne City.
I have put many of my views out there on what our politicians should (and should not) be doing while in office, and I will introduce one more.
I fully expect every holder of public office to vote based on what their taxpayers would want.
Regardless of the opinion they express or how something will affect them personally, I expect that when the time comes for “Ayes” and “Nays,” their answer will be one at which their constituents can say, “That’s the one representing me, he does a good job.”
Soon enough, we will be replacing a significant portion of our City Commission, a decision which will have long-standing impact on the policies and priorities of the City of Boyne City.
I encourage all of you to vote for the party which will serve the city in the best way.
They may not be your friend, they may not agree with you on the parcel of land down by the old schoolhouse, but are they best for the city? [/private]

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