The Beulah Home

By: Edward May III, Historian

Courtesy Photo

 Jack Hobey has out done himself in his professional research into the Beulah homes, here in Boyne City, The Buffalo News Boys, The Bootblack’s Home for Boys, The Chicago Children’s Temple Home and the Leonie Land farm!

He brings to mind the “NIMBY” complex. “Not In My Back Yard “that affects most of the United States today.

That along with refusal to accept the truth and social responsibility.

This book showed the good intentions that many have towards homeless, lost, orphaned and miss placed children especially during the time period just before the First World War 1.

It showed, in ample form, the dealing of the political machines of the period. The cronyism between all levels of political friends, and the interstate tragedy of misplaced loyalty.[private]

Yes; here in Boyne City.

When we look today at the hue and cry raised about the child abuse in many religions, the disclosure of abuse to the children at Indian school in Harbor Springs then we should all read and understand what occurred here In Boyne and the immediate area.

Read this, digest this, understand what happened but do not forget least in happen again here and or elsewhere. I would like to see this book as required reading for our high school students.

I cried in reading this and am not the least ashamed admitting.

When we, you and I, are gone what is left of our time and passing



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