Ramblers Fall to Gladiators 64-92

By: Collin Ulvund, Student Journalist

Ramblers fall to Gladiators 64 – 92.

The Boyne City Ramblers fell to the Traverse City St. Francis Gladiators (Photo: C. Shumaker/BC Gazette)

The Boyne City Ramblers did not get the win they were hoping for in a conference matchup between the Ramblers and the visiting Traverse City St. Francis Gladiators.

Boyne City had its sights on this game all week and the school was buzzing in anticipation.  Boyne players could be overheard talking about “making 500,” implying that it would be the win that would put them at an even win/loss ratio.

Team members with stellar defense were Tevin Larmond, Jay Redman, Kolbi Shumaker and T.J. Douglas. Players like Jay Redman and Ryan Carson helped the team in scoring with both players making point totals well into the double digits.

In between periods and during timeouts, the court had something going on, ranging from two members of Boyne City’s own color guard to a T-Shirt gun.  Between the first period and the second period, the Boyne City Color Guard had two of its members, Denise Minier and Cory Byer.  At halftime, the Boyne Area Gymnastics put on a show which seemed to wow the audience.  During every other break in the action, Jalen Adams wielded a t-shirt cannon that rocketed t-shirts into the crowd.

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