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Alano Fundraiser
Members of the Boyne City and Charlevoix communities gathered to give this fundraiser their blessing and support
The Boyne City Alano Club raises funds by taking bets on when a boulder will fall through the ice of Lake Charlevoix

By: Joshua Sampson, Staff Writer
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Members of the Boyne City and Charlevoix communities gathered to give this fundraiser their blessing and support

Falling through the ice isn’t usually a good thing, but with the Boyne City and Charlevoix Alano’s new  contest, it could be fun and profitable.

[private]The Great Lake Charlevoix Ice Out contest will benefit the Boyne City and Charlevoix Alano clubs who help individuals and families deal with substance abuse issues.  “The fundraiser is patterned after one in Vermont,” said Dick Fish, Board President of the Alano Club in Boyne City. “Their Alano Club placed a device out on the ice, and people had the opportunity to guess at when the device would go through the ice.”

The Alano Clubs of Boyne City and Charlevoix did likewise by attaching a clock to a pole and placing it on Lake Charlevoix between One Water Marina and the Boyne City Marina on Wednesday, Feb. 3.  The plan is to have people purchase tickets and try to guess when the pole will drop through the ice.  “We will share the money with the Charlevoix Alano Club,” said Fish. “We will also give the remaining money to the people who bet and won.”  The winner of the contest—the person who picks the exact date the pole falls through the ice—will win $1,000.

Tickets for the event went on sale Monday, Feb. 7 and will be available for purchase from Alano Club board members up until March 15.  Ticket prices are $1 per guess or $5 for six guesses.  “We want to raise money for our general fund,” Fish said, “And, reach out to people who are in need.”

Fish became involved in the club after friends urged him to become a member in Boyne City.

“I’ve been involved with the Alano Club for three years,” he said. “I enjoy doing it because I like reaching out and helping people.”  Fish went on to say the Alano Clubs in Boyne City and Charlevoix are important because they help people who have a serious need.  “It is a great support for people who have substance abuse symptoms,” said Fish.  He also said the Alano Club helps more than just the person in trouble; they also help those who are affected by the issues at hand.

The Alano Club manages and hosts facilities for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon, Alateen and Narcotics Anonymous.  According to Fish, these organizations are there to help meet the needs of individuals, families and the community.  For more information about the contest or the local Alano Clubs, contact Arch Wright at (231) 582-6724, or Richard O’Leary at (231) 547-9184.[/private]

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