Open Letter from Kirtland Products

The following is a paid advertisement sponsored by Kirtland Products, LLC

The following is a paid advertisement sponsored by Kirtland Products, LLC.

Kirtland Products LLC is Michigan’s newest pellet fuel producer that began operations in Boyne City just a few months ago. We are excited about our new business and the potential it has for creating good well-paying jobs in the area. We also have received very positive feedback from our customers and we are ramping up capacity to operate 24 hours a day to meet growing demand.

In our successful startup, however, we have learned that the operation is producing objectionable noise that is noticed by many of our neighbors in the Boyne City community. We are sorry for this and we are working diligently to correct the problem.

At this point, I would like to provide you some background on the development of Kirtland Products.

Prior to constructing the facility, the management team visited nine U.S. pellet mill operations to study the best operating practices and facility designs. We decided to locate several pieces of equipment commonly found on the outside of the plant inside of our building because of the significant noise the equipment creates. These pieces of equipment, wood grinders and dryer system added substantial cost to the final design, but we believed the added investment would insure acceptable noise management.

We did not anticipate that any of the remaining outside equipment would create noise levels objectionable to our neighbors.

We were wrong.

Our message to our neighbors and visitors is simple. We are sorry. We are taking steps to identify the equipment that is producing the objectionable noise and will initiate corrective action as soon as possible. The thirteen Kirtland team members are excited by the potentials of the com pany and we take seriously our community responsibility as a business. I can assure you that the resolution of this issue is a high priority at Kirtland. We will not stop until it is reduced to acceptable levels.

Also, several people have inquired about the “smoke” coming from our stack. What you see coming from the stack is actually steam from our wood drying operation. Depending upon the air temperature and humidity, the water will condense into a bright, white plume as soon as it escapes the process. This spectacular plume can be seen from a distance, depending on the observer’s elevation, is mainly water vapor which we monitor and which will be tested independently on a regular basis to insure we remain at the levels approved by the state. In other words, it’s safe.

We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with the surrounding communities. A national study concludes that only 3% of the money residents invest in fossil fuels impact the community, while 75% of our bio-mass product sales re-circulate locally. Our business hires local harvesters and truckers to move raw material and finished goods. We appreciate your understanding and commit to correct this matter. After all, many of us also live work and play in the community. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to buy some of our high quality wood pellets that is produced and producing jobs right here in Boyne City, please feel free to call us directly at 231-582-7505

Leon Tupper
Kirtland Products LLC

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