Three Women Nominated to Rise

President Barack Obama tapped three women to rise and serve in positions of importance. These nominations have been sent to the Senate for confirmation by vote.
By: Chris Faulknor, Editor
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President Barack Obama sent three nominations to the United States Senate today, November 09, 2011.  According to a White House press releade, Meredith M. Broadbent, Anne Claire Richard, and Tara D. Sonenshine were all nominated to positions by Obama.

“I am grateful that these talented and dedicated individuals have agreed to take on these important roles and devote their talents to serving the American people.  I look forward to working with them in the coming months and years.”
Broadbent, a Virginia native, is being nominated to be a member of the United States International Trade Commission to replace Deanna Okun, whose term is expiring.  Broadbent comes with a reputation as an international expert in the business field, most recently holding a position as a Senior Adviser in international business with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Her polictical experience includes time spent assisting with national policies for electronic commerce, communication, and negotiations of tariffs on foreign imports and exports.  Broadbent holds a bachelor’s degree in history, and a masters degree in Business Administration.
Anne Richard, who currently resides in New York, is nominated to the post of Assistant Secretary of State responsible for population, refugees, and migration after the resignation of Eric Schwartz, who previously held this position.  Richard currently serves as the International Rescue Committee’s Vice President, acting as the organization’s liason to the United States legislative and executive branches.  Her political experience includes several years as a chief advisor for Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and a financial officer for the Peace Corps.  Richard rounds off her background with a bachelor’s degree in foreign service, and a master’s degree in public policy studies, and serves on the United States Global Leadership Coalition.
Tara Sonenshine, a resident of Maryland, is in the running to become the Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.  Sonenshine currently serves as Executive Vice President of the United States Institute of Peace.  She is responsible for relations with the public, along with management of many vital functions.  Her political experience includes serving as a special assistant to President Clinton, and work for the National Security Council.  Prior to her political career, Sonenshine worked as a journalist, reporting through both broadcast and written journalism.  Notable accomplishments include service as the Editorial Producer of Nightline, and over a decade of experience with ABC News.  Also notable are almost a dozen News Emmy Awards for international news coverage, and a Columbia-DuPont Award for her work in covering the Los Angeles riots.
These nominations must be confirmed by a vote of the United States Senate before they go into effect.

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