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The Boyne City Gazette announces its achievement as Newspaper of Record for Boyne City.
Chris Faulknor, Editor

By: Chris Faulknor, Editor
(231) 582-2799

By a unanimous vote of the Boyne City Commission, The Boyne City Gazette was declared the Newspaper of Record for the City of Boyne City. [private] This milestone joins the many that we have reached for and attained.  I continue to be both impressed and humbled by the love and support that Boyne City has poured into its newspaper.  Trust me, it’s appreciated.  There is no greater feeling than being on an endeavor knowing that we have the support of such a fine community.

So Newspaper of Record – what does that mean?

Well, the simple and to-the-point answer is that there are certain things such as meeting notices and invitations to bid that the local government must publish in the newspaper to inform the public, and being the Newspaper of Record, we have the privilege of informing the public of these notices.  The more complicated answer is that as Newspaper of Record, we are honored with the responsibility of documenting Boyne City.

Documenting Boyne City – a high goal, isn’t it?  Every week, you will find the news of your community in this newspaper.  Yes, you will always find human interest stories – people receiving awards, a business launching a new product, and the like.  With this, however, you will find the decisions that your elected officials made.  You will find out if there has been a special meeting called, if there is an upcoming project to bid on, and if there is a government vacancy that may be worthwhile.

We now proudly take it upon ourselves (as we always have) to inform you, the public, of everything that is Boyne City.  Check our pages for the honest truth of what your government is doing, and check our website.

Why our website? Well, we have launched a new and exciting portion of our website that will allow you to understand, track, and respond to your government.  We have placed a page on our site (in the navigation bar under “Local Government) for the City Commission.  It contains a description of what the Commission does, their contact information, and the most recent minutes.

Soon, this will be the case for every branch of government.  Yes, you will get to see the happenings of the Planning Commission, Main Street Board, Historical Commission, and eventually the various Townships, School Boards, and maybe even a Village not too far from here.

I am happy to say that the City of Boyne City has been extremely supportive in maintaining an open government.  I am proud to say that The Boyne City Gazette seems to be based in a town where the government takes enough pride in its activities to be unashamed, and accountable to their voters.  I trust that I will find many of our townships in the same condition, and with the same willingness to be accountable and open to their voters.

Keep checking, we’ll let you know what’s happening.  Again, a big ‘Thank You’ for the vote of confidence that you, through your elected officials, have placed in your local paper.  Sincerely, your Newspaper of Record

Chris Faulknor is the Editor of The Boyne City Gazette, and a long-time Boyne City native. His editorial column can be seen in The Boyne City Gazette each week.[/private]

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