New Emporium Owners Thankful

Boyne Country Provisions
Things were done in short order due to the help of many within the Boyne Community
Ed and Kristine Brehm, owners of Boyne Country Provisions thank the community for their support.

By: Joshua Sampson, Staff Writer
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Although Ed and Kristine Brehm opened the Wine Emporium recently, the community, they feel, is what is really important.  The Brehms realized the importance of community after discovering how many people wanted to help them finish their project.[private]

“It made us realize Boyne City is a special and unique place,” said Ed Brehm.

Things were done in short order due to the help of many within the Boyne Community

Opening on Dec. 17, the emporium was delayed by a few days of extra construction.  Then, on the night before opening, when the emporium was still far from being completed, a surprise visit from friends and associates turned everything around.  “One of the most fascinating parts of the whole thing,” said Brehm, “Is that on Thursday night there were so many things still undone, but we had this amazing group of people help us, and in two hours we were able to turn it into a store.”

 Brehm said it is good for a strong local community to stand together because it shows that people are willing to support each other through good times and bad.  “We were pleasantly surprised by people willing to help and donate their time,” said Brehm. “We had people we barely knew come in and say, ‘Can we help you?’”

 Originally a party store in the 40’s, Boyne Country Provisions has remained true to its origins even after Ed and Kristine assumed operation of the establishment in June 2008.  After Ed became a certified Sommelier last November, he joined Kristine in operating the party store to bring a wine feature to the business.  With Boyne Country Provisions a success, they also bought the store adjacent to them and transformed it into the Wine Emporium.  The emporium is located at 123 Water Street and features a market for international foods and houses over 3000 bottles of wine.  “The community has been cheerleading us, and a contractor has been donating his time,” said Brehm.

 Even thought the Wine Emporium was completed recently, they plan on constructing a deli as a new feature soon.  Furthermore, in 2011, Ed Brehm plans on renovating the existing building by giving it a glass store front on Water Street.  “Our building might be the only one that doesn’t have a storefront on Water Street,” said Brehm.  Another project planned for January, too, entails hosting a wine and beer event in the emporium.  “It will include light hors d’oeuvres, and it will also be open to the public,” said Brehm.  For now, Ed and Kristine Brehm will continue listening to customers and displaying a place for wine, meats and cheeses.  “We want the store to continue to be amazing for the sight and the expenses,” said Brehm.  Operating hours for the Wine Emporium are 10 to 8 Monday through Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays.[/private]

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