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Chris Faulknor
Chris Faulknor, Publisher


The State of The Boyne City Gazette

This past week, community leaders gathered around the proverbial campfire and spoke about the state of our community.

Some of their stories reflected total prosperity, and some reflected ups and downs, although with a strong sense of hope and courage.

Today, I will take this opportunity to speak on the state of your newspaper – The Boyne City Gazette.

The Gazette is going strong, I am happy to say.

We recently came out with a magazine-style holiday guide with events and specials through Christmas.

Small tweaks to the design are also making vast strides towards an even more visually appealing paper, along with making the information you’re looking for easier to find.

We are proud to mention that we are expanding our distribution as well.

We welcome Ingall’s Country Store to the fold of new vendors, and are always looking for more.

The Boyne City Gazette is available in dozens of vendor locations in Boyne City, along with stores in Boyne Falls, Walloon Lake, East Jordan, Petoskey, Charlevoix, and even Gaylord.

With our in-depth County coverage, The Boyne City Gazette is now a useful source of news for not only Boyne City, but Charlevoix County as a whole.

The Gazette still features local columnists, local news, and photos of many events in Boyne City.

We also strive to keep our advertising prices affordable so that all businesses can afford to get their name out there.



To conclude, we are here to help you.

We want to keep you informed, and make sure you are “in the know” as to what occurs in your city and county.


We thank you for keeping us on your mind as you pick up a paper each week (or even get it in the mail)


Please call in if we can ever be of help.

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