Memorial fundraiser to honor veterans


Patriotism, pride and remembrance form the War Memorial Committee’s plan to install a brick walkway for Boyne City residents.

The bricks will display the names of past and present veterans of foreign wars, whether the soldier fought in World War II or Iraq.

“It can be a donation by anybody, but it has to be for a veteran,” said Ron Crozier, head of the development project. “We had two people donate for a person who couldn’t afford to have his name on a bench already.”

The bricks will also help benefit the Veteran’s Memorial by allocating monies for maintenance and repairs. The park was dedicated on Memorial Day, March 25, 2009.

However, there is still an outstanding cost from the construction, so the money raised from donations will be used to pay for any costs.

“It is the last leg of the memorial,” Crozier said. “We will have to come up with the rest of the money with something different.”

In the past, something different has been a variety of fundraisers to aid the memorial – from dances to auctions.

“This has been a seven-year project to put the memorial together,” Crozier said. “The benches down at the memorial helped finance it, too.”

Gene Farley, member of the War Memorial Committee, said the veteran’s memorial was constructed so people will always remember what those brave young men gave up for freedom.

“It’s a reminder to us, who are still living, of the dangers of other countries, and, sometimes, the necessity to go to war,” he said. “They (veterans) are the role models for the rest of us.”

Crozier shared some of the same sentiments.

He said the war memorial is an important reminder for people who enjoy their everyday lives.

“Freedom isn’t free. That’s what you have to tell people — freedom is worth fighting for,” he said. “The guys who served for our country had to give up something.”

Crozier’s father served in World War II, and, according to Crozier, he gave up his whole life to serve his country.

This factor alone compelled Crozier to assist in the development of the war memorial.

“This is why I got involved,” he said. “I do it from the heart because it’s paying back my dad.”

The bricks are priced as follows: 8 x 8 inches for $90 with a maximum of a 90-character inscription, and 4 x 8 inches for $45 with the maximum of a 45-character inscription.

Hopefully, said Crozier, the bricks will be installed before this coming Memorial day.

However, it all depends on charitable contributions made by concerned citizens.

For those who would like to donate they can go to Citizen’s Bank or get in touch with Ron Crozier at (231) 675-6414.

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