Long-time city commissioner resigns

Boyne City Commissioner Dan Adkison has filed his letter of resignation with the Boyne City Clerk’s office effective April 29.

The Boyne City Gazette caught up with Adkison for a Monday, April 25, telephone interview.

“I wish I didn’t have to, but at the same time in these economic times my mom passed away and left me her house,” said Adkison, who is barred from serving on the commission once he moves out of the city limits. “It’s a nice house and my family and I decided to move.”

Adkison said while he doesn’t want to leave the commission, he will remember his time on the board fondly.

“I had a good time and learned a lot,” he said.

“I can’t commend the staff enough and the city commissioners that I’ve worked with we’ve had a good focus and stayed on track to do the best job possible for the citizens of Boyne City.”

Adkison said his proudest accomplishments include working to improve road conditions and lowering the millage rate.

Adkison also served on the Boyne City Parks and Recreation Committee during his nine-and-a-half years of service.

Adkison’s advice for his replacement:

“Gather all the facts, listen to the citizens and don’t make a decision until the time is needed.”

According to correspondence from Boyne City Manager Michael Cain to Boyne City Mayor Chuck Vondra and the rest of the city commission, the matter had to be dealt with at the Tuesday, April 26 meeting.

“Since Dan filed his letter with the city clerk prior to this meeting … it would be proper to accept his resignation,” Cain stated. “In order to eliminate any confusion of when his term would be over, I would suggest that Dan and the commission agree to a time, such as 11:59:59 p.m. Or some other time that is seen fit.”

The city commission now has 30 days to fill the vacancy by unanimous appointment. The commission could have chosen a temporary replacement as early as this week’s board meeting, but results were not available by press time.

“How the commission chooses to fill the vacancy is up to it,” Cain stated.

“The commission may act based on people it knows, request applications from interested persons, consider previous election results, or any other method it chooses.”

According to Cain’s letter, Boyne City Clerk Cindy Grice researched the matter and found the last time this happened was in 1987 due to the death of a commissioner.

When Casimir Toton died in office on April 26, 1987, his seat was filled on May 5 by Austin Sevener who had previously served on the commission.

“The person selected by the city commission must meet the same qualifications as any other member of the city commission must have, including have lived in the city for a year, be a registered voter and not be in default to the city,” Cain stated. “The person appointed by the commission to fill the vacancy will serve until the Monday following the upcoming city election in November of this year.”

He added, “A person would run in that election for the remainder of commissioner Adkison’s term, which runs to the Monday following the November, 2013, election.”

Part owner of RBI Mechanical in Boyne’s industrial park, Adkison is married and has four grown children and numerous grandchildren.

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