Islands in Streets

A letter to the editor from Joe Gerant, a resident of Boyne City sharing his feelings on islands in streets.

The following is a “Letter to the Editor” submitted to The Boyne City Gazette.  Letters may be edited for length, grammar, spelling, and appropriate content.

This is a comment about islands in streets. Islands can be a major apearance improvement to a city street, which may become a  boulevard.  Island inclusions normally include side lighting,  Widening of street and bridges accomodate continuous and straight unimpeded flow of traffic. Tree inclusions need trimmed such that they do not overhang traffic passing beneath. Stop signs go away on these thoroughfares except for traffic lights. Mazes of pockets of trees and concrete block the flow of traffic. When islands are a nuisance they become a detriment to totality of enviroment and community.

Joe Gerant,
Boyne City, MI

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