Holiday Wishes

Publisher Chris Faulknor shares his Boyne Christmas

By: Chris Faulknor, Publisher
(231) 582-2799

I had the pleasure of spending my Christmas in Boyne City this past week.

Amid the church services scattered about the community, a group of people planned a Christmas Dinner that took place at the Presbyterian Church.


As I went in to get some photos, I witnessed something special.

An older gentleman walked in.

“I’m not sure if I should be here, I have money, I don’t want to take from people who need it.”

One of the organizers kindly told him, “It’s not about people who can’t afford dinner, it’s about community, and people getting together for Christmas.”

That is exactly what I saw on everyone’s faces at this event – community.

City commissioners, business owners, religious, non-religious, everyone got together for some good food and enjoyed the company of those around them.

That, in my opinion, is what these holidays are about.

It’s also about people giving their service to others.

Many people worked very hard to promote this event, likely getting nothing in return.

A local restaurant owner cooked and catered the meal – his way of giving back.

I’m proud that holiday events are made to include everyone, and that our fine city still has heartwarming stories like this one, it makes me glad that I live here.

Happy Holidays to anyone reading this.


Regardless of the name you put on it, what symbol you hang on your door, or what holiday you’re celebrating, I hope yours is enjoyable.


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