High Marks for Boyne Superendendent

Peter Moss and Ron Grunch
Superintendent Peter Moss (right) converses with Mayor Ron Grunch at the 2011 State of the Community (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)
After a review by the Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Peter Moss has received good reviews.

By: Benjamin J. Gohs, Associate Editor
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Superintendent Peter Moss (right) converses with Mayor Ron Grunch at the 2011 State of the Community (C. Faulknor/BC Gazette)

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education gave its Superintendent Peter Moss high marks on his recent performance evaluation.


The evaluation, approved for release at the board’s regular Nov. 14 meeting, shows Moss performing at or above expectations.

“Pete is doing an excellent job – He anticipates situations and looks at possible scenarios, good or bad,” said Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education President Ken Schrader. “He allows board members to discuss options and provides the answers needed for those discussions.”

He added, “He is constantly monitoring legislative actions and apprising the board for those actions.”

Some positive qualities from the highlights of the evaluation follow:

  • Excellent and positive relationships with employee(s) and union matters
  • Excellent ability with handling concerns and information from citizens.
  • Visibility at school and community functions
  • According to the board, an area that was rated as both a strength and an area needing improvement was board communication.

“He supplies the Board with pertinent information for Board members to perform and carryout their job (and) he is prompt to return phone calls to Board members in a timely manner,” they stated in the evaluation. “An area the board would like to see growth on the part of Mr. Moss is when there are matters which are known or should be known in the general public, that they are furnished to Board members in a timelier manner.”

According to Schrader, this was merely a matter of determining what and when items should be brought to the board’s attention outside of meetings.

“Pete was hesitant about contacting board members outside of our normal weekly updates,” he said. “We have set up a revised procedure for contacting and when to contact the board members about situations, especially those that we may get questioned about and/or are in the public limelight.”

Schrader added, “He now responds to all board questions in a timely manner, he responds to public questions in a timely manner, he responds to staff questions in a timely manner.”

Two of Moss’ biggest accomplishments, Schrader said, have been the passage of the technology bond and the completion of staffing contracts earlier this year.

Moss, who began working for the district in August 2010, said he has enjoyed his new job and community.

“It’s been a great move for me and my wife,” he said. “A couple things stand out that I’m really proud of: the community thought it was a good idea when we brought it to their attention in terms of the technology bond and doing some building upgrades at the same time; another major event was the negotiation of the three-year contract with both our teachers’ union as well as the support staff.”

Moss added, “I think it was a fair settlement not only for our staff but also for our district – I was extremely impressed with the understanding of our employees that these tough times kind of need some extreme actions and they responded very well.”

Moss said the greatest challenge to his school district remains the dichotomy of decreased funding and increased need for services.

“The big question is: how can we maintain the great programming and opportunities we offer?” he said.

Moss’ contract continues through this year and next – this was merely an informal midterm performance evaluation.


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