Gazette Garners Awards in Statewide Contest

The Boyne City Gazette nabbed four awards in the categories of news, advertising and opinion in the 2011 Michigan Press Association Awards Contest.

By: Joshua Sampson, Staff Writer
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The Boyne City Gazette nabbed four awards in the categories of news, advertising and opinion in the 2011 Michigan Press Association Awards Contest.

“We received first Place for the advertisement ‘Good for Humans, Bad for Flies,’ first place for Dr. McMillian’s ‘Mental Health Corner’ in the local opinion column category and first and second place for spot news,” said Boyne City Gazette Associate Editor and Page Designer Benjamin Gohs. “I am pleased the judges found some of our entries to be award-worthy.”
Gohs said he and the Gazette staff are continually working to improve their product.
“Awards are nice, but even better is the feedback we get on a weekly basis from the community,” Gohs said. “Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shooting for best newspaper of the year in next year’s award competition.”
In addition to his award for advertising design, Gohs garnered a second-place nod for his story on Charlevoix County being threatened with a $100 million lawsuit.
Boyne City Gazette Publisher Chris Faulknor rounded out the wins with a first-place award for his spot news story “Fatal Traffic Crash Takes Boyne Man.”
“I was and am very proud of the progress we have made at The Boyne City Gazette,” Faulknor said. “Seeing the news of the awards received reinforces that we are moving in the right direction, and that our product continues to mature and enhance.”

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