Court News – Week Ending Oct. 15

90th District court records, marriage licenses, and assumed names for the week ending October 15th, 2011.

The following business were recently established at the office of the Charlevoix County Clerk

  • Akston Hughes International by Mark Daniel Walsh of Boyne City[private]
  • Feodar Protar Press by Charles Donaldson of Beaver Island
  • Sparky’s Electric by Joshua Ranshaw of Grand Ledge
  • MCR Services by Murray Johansen of East Jordan
  • T.A.G’s Auto Service by Robert Struthers of Charlevoix and Tomas Thompson of Topinabee

The following marriage licenses were recently taken out at the office of the Charlevoix County Clerk.  NOTE: This simply means a license was taken, and does not attest to the marriage being final.

  • Jared Milner, 26 and Aleah Scheick, 29 – both of Cockeysville, Maryland
  • Stewart Chipman, 28 and Sonja Johnson, 23 – both of Boyne City
  • Jeremiah Meadows, 29 and Stephanie Roberts, 21 – both of Boyne City
  • Stephen James Hubbard, 47 and Della McDonald, 51 – both of East Jordan
  • Michael Cornell, 58 and Britta Corday, 50 – both of Boyne City

The following cases were recently heard in Charlevoix County’s 90th District Court.  Information in this section comes directly from court records, and is not a reflection of events that took place.

  • James Ryan Larsen, 23 of Boyne City – Charged with Operating with License Suspended/Revoked/Denied, plead guilty to Operating without License on Person, remaining charge dropped.  To pay $200 in fines and costs by 10/28/11 or serve 8 days in jail.
  • Elise Jane Fineout-Cook, 55 of Boyne City – Charged with Operating while Intoxicated, plead guilty to Impaired Driving, remaining charge dropped.  To serve 36 days – Credit for 1 day, 5 Days community service, 30 held in abeyance.  To be placed on probation for 6 months, submit to PBT/urine tests, not to consume or possess alcohol or controlled substances.  To pay $725 in fines and costs.[/private]

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