Boyne Schools Apply for $2.8M Bond

Boyne City Schools will be applying for a 2.8 million dollar bond to increase their technological scope

By: Joshua Sampson, Staff Writer
(231) 222-2119

Boyne City Public Schools District voters will decide the fate of a $2.8 million technology bond at the May 3 election.

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution on Monday, Feb. 14, to take the bond to a vote of the people.

“The Technology Bond passed,” said Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss, who added that, in addition to funding classroom technologies like smart boards, wireless internet and personal computing devices for students, a portion of the bond could also be used to make structural and busing improvements.

Currently, the school has 3.5 mills to pay off for construction costs of the Boyne City high school; however, the school board is looking to eliminate one of the mills and instead ask voters for permission to have 85 percent of the eliminated mill back for technology improvements.

Since the technology bond has been in preliminary stage, many steps were taken to see if it was a wise investment.

The school board visited schools around Michigan, such as Leland Public Schools, to investigate what other facilities were doing with technology to improve schooling.

Even though the board passed the bond proposal, they are still looking into every aspect of what they can do with the allocated funds.

The Boyne City Public School Board would like to make improvements to the bus fleet and structural improvements to the elementary school building, which is a 30-year-old building.

The last time major renovations were done to Boyne City schools was in 1999 when an $18,815,000 mileage was passed by the community to construct a new High School.

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