Boyne Mountain Up and Ready

Boyne USA is ready for the winter season

By: Benjamin Gohs, Associate Editor
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Home to over nine ski resorts, Northern Michigan is a great place for winter sports.  One such hotspot for winter sporting is Boyne Mountain ski resort, a branch of Boyne USA.  Ed Grice, General Manager of Boyne Mountain, said things at Boyne Mountain have been going better than expected this year.[private]

“We are up significantly over last year, and our accommodations were full over the holiday season,” said Grice. “It has been a great start.”

Along with great hills to ski, Boyne Mountain boasts the most cutting edge snow making innovations in the Mid-West.Recently, Boyne Mountain has been installed with 72 new Boyne Low-E snow guns, bringing the total to over 160 snow machines working this winter season.

“Our new guns do a better job making higher quality snow, and it makes higher quality skiing,” he said.

Boyne Mountain was started 63 years ago by resort pioneer Everett Kircher.  With partners Jim Christianson and John Norton, Kircher scouted Northern Michigan and found a patch of land near Boyne Falls to set up a new resort, and ultimately, a skier’s dream.

Even though projections are up this year, Grice feels there are some things that cannot be avoided while catering to niche sports whether he likes it or not.

“Regardless of how much money you have to spend on equipment, mother nature will show you whose boss,” he said

However, even if it gets a little warm during the winter season, Grice said, every year of skiing is an exciting one.  He went on to say that all one has to do to see if this year has been a good one for snow sports, is to look to the sporting stores in Boyne City.  “We’ve been very happy over the holiday season, if you check around some of the merchants in the area, most of them would say the same thing,” said Grice.

So, with the addition of new guns on the slopes and a positive attitude, this year is looking to be a good one for Boyne Mountain.  Go to for more information.[/private]

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