Boyne City population up 6 percent

Boyne grows as surround areas decline


In the only state in the Union to lose population since the 2000 census, Boyne City continues to grow.

Down a sixth of a percent, Michigan now stands at 9,883,640 residents and falling. But, Boyne city’s population grew from 3,525 in 2000 to 3,737 in 2010.

“We’re very pleased and pleasantly surprised at the whole thing,” said Boyne City Manager Michael Cain.

Robert M. Groves, Director of the United States Census Bureau, said the importance of the census cannot be understated.

“Just like we can’t survive without roads and bridges, the country doesn’t function well without an updated Census to distribute funds to areas that most need them and to support community decisions about their own future,” he said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, accurate data helps determine how many representatives in U.S. House of Representatives govern a geographic area, and guides how $400 billion in tax money will be spent annually.

“That’s more than $4 trillion over a 10-year period for things like new roads and schools, and services like job training centers,” Census officials say.

Boyne City is one of few cities in the state to see such tremendous growth.

Boyne Falls dropped from 370 residents to 294 for a change of 20.5 percent.

Charlevoix dropped from 2,994 to 2,513 for a change of 16.1 percent.

East Jordan fell from 2,507 to 2,351 for a change of 6.2 percent.

Petoskey went from 6,080 to 5,670 for a change of 6.7 percent.

Gaylord dropped from 3,701 to 3,645 for a change of 1.5 percent.

Traverse City increased declined from 14,523 to 14,674 for a one-percent change.

Cain said there are numerous reasons Boyne City continues to grow its economy and population.

“There are so many pieces to the puzzle,” he said. “We have a lot of the players all working together to improve the community.”

Cain cited the new high school, road improvements, library and a strong Main Street Program and chamber of commerce as a few of the contributors.

“All these groups working together to make Boyne a better place has helped us stand out and buck a lot of negative trends,” Cain said. “Boyne finds a way to be positive and make good things happen.”

Cain said the key to continuing the upward trend of growth in Boyne City will be in the hands of business and civic leaders as well as the general population.

“We just need to keep doing what we’ve been doing: making Boyne City a place where people want to live and do business,” he said. “If people are thinking about starting up a business in Boyne City, this is just another reason to give us another look.”

Cain added, “We’re doing a lot of things right.”

America’s population has increased to 308,745,538.

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