Basketball Against Breast Cancer

Boyne Girls
The Boyne City Ramblers basketball teams wore pink during a recent game to support a cure for breast cancer. (Photo: C. Shumaker/BC Gazette)
The Boyne City Ramblers took on Elk Rapids while wearing pink jerseys to support efforts against breast cancer, and to raise money to help find a cure and support victims.

By: Collin Ulvund, Student Writer

Results: Boys:  Boyne City 48-64 Elk Rapids/Girls:  Boyne City 30-37 Elk Rapids

The Boyne City Ramblers basketball teams wore pink during a recent game to support a cure for breast cancer. (Photo: C. Shumaker/BC Gazette)

February 18th’s set of basketball games were directly devoted to the defeat of the all-too-popular cancer that has caught America’s heart, Breast Cancer. Each team showed their support by showing on the court with some type of pink garment, and at halftime of the boys’ game, a successful “blitz” for donations to help the research of this awful disease.

The girls stepped on the court in pink tinted jerseys and pink accessories, determined to play the game, and to help defeat breast cancer .The guys got onto the hardwood in the throwback jerseys from the 1990’s with pink headbands and socks. When the guys ran onto the court for the second time, they were wearing pink t-shirts over their jerseys, and when running past the students section, tossed them to the students as a token of their dedication.

The games themselves however, did not end up as wins. Both teams fell short, but showed the Elk Rapids Elks that they were on the court with them.

The girls played a tough opponent and stepped up to the challenge. Every player on both teams showed great hustle and determination until the final buzzer. Sophomore Guard Jessica Selissen expressed that her team “worked hard and never gave up” and “did good and we keep moving forward and keep getting better”

Lady Ramblers that stepped up offensively were: the Sophomore Halee Boughton, who showed great hustle and ball handling; and the Freshman Kylee Hicks, who got offensive rebounds and did a fantastic job in post play.

Girls who played well defensively were:  the Senior, Jessica Webster, who showed finesse with tenacious defense and great heart; and the Junior, Rachel Butler, who significantly helped the team out with steals and defensive firmness.

The overall score didn’t show the team’s drive and competitiveness, with the Lady Ramblers winning the first period 8-6 then losing each quarter by a mere 3 point margin. The final score was a close 30-37 loss to Elk Rapids.

The guys’ game was filled with a roaring student section from both sides, and a well fought game with both sides playing exceptionally solid, leaving nothing behind. Senior Luke Thorp Felt that his team “Did a good job, but sent too many of their players to the free throw line, but everyone showed great effort”.

Guys with outstanding offensive play were: the Junior, Jay Redman, who used his leadership and athletic ability to help rack up some points; and the Senior, Caleb Roberts, whose three pointers helped rack up Boyne’s point total.

The defensive stars for Boyne were: the Junior, T.J. Douglas, with a fast, energetic defensive game that caused many turnovers; and the Senior, Luke Thorp, whose blocks and tough low post strength kept the Elks at bay for most of the game.

Like the girls’ game, the score was not ideal for the hometown boys. The Ramblers tied the first quarter, but then proceeded to lose the rest by 3 points at the least. The final score for the guys’ matchup was 48-64, Elk Rapids taking home the win.

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