Thanksgiving, and My Two Cents

The Editor's point of view on Thanksgiving.

Chris Faulknor, Editor
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Chris Faulknor, Editor

Thanksgiving is an interesting time for me.  Over the past twenty years, I have celebrated this unique holiday with different people, and under different circumstances.  Regardless of where it was spent, each time, there was plenty to be thankful for.[private]

The first Thanksgiving I remember was celebrated with my mother and grandparents in an apartment on Division Street.  I remember being thankful for “my Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and all the world.”  What I meant by “all the world,” I still do not know, but I sure was thankful for it.

Years later, I recall a Thanksgiving at my Grandpa’s house, just my mother, him, and myself.  “I’m thankful that I get to be in band at school,” I said proudly.  For the rest of the day, I practiced “Jingle Bells” on my trumpet for my first concert, which was quickly approaching.

A few short years back, I spent my Thanksgiving on an ambulance.  Rotating throughout a large city in Mid-Michigan, I took seven calls in a twelve hour shift.  They ranged from people burning themselves on various cooking implements to diabetics who had overeaten – until the day was about to end.  As they day drew to a close and I was about to be done, the tones went off for a call to a local home.  A patient there was obviously sick, but there was nothing visibly wrong with her, that is, until we talked to her.  Her family had left for Thanksgiving, and there she sat, all alone.

Without a word in protest, we took her to the hospital, asking the kind nurses to take good care of her.  As I went home the next morning, I remembered what I was thankful for, and vowed not to forget.

This year, I found myself at home on Thanksgiving with my Grandpa, and plenty to be thankful for.  I have a supportive family, which has been there through the good and bad.  I have friends who are upbeat, positive, and easygoing.  I have a girlfriend who doesn’t get upset if I forget to call, doesn’t get mad if I have to work, and always has an encouraging word to say.  I have people within the business – excellent columnists, writers, and good unique content that keep things running week to week.  I also have each of you – the subscribers – all of whom I count among my friends.
I am truly thankful.  I hope your Thanksgiving was as revealing as mine.[/private]

Chris Faulknor is the Editor of The Boyne City Gazette, and a long-time Boyne City native.  His editorial column can be seen in The Boyne City Gazette each week.

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