Greenhouse Celebrates 110th Birthday

Eric Frykberg celebrates a longstanding business in Boyne City

By: Benjamin Gohs, Associate Editor
(231) 222-2119

Boyne Avenue Greenhouse is celebrating 110 years in business.

Eric Frykberg stands proudly by his business (Photo: C. Faulknor/Boyne City Gazette)

Begun in 1900, the greenhouse now has its seventh owner in its more than a century in Boyne City. “My family and I took it over in June of 2007,” said greenhouse owner Eric Frykberg who spent his teen and college years working for the previous greenhouse’s owners. “I got started working here when I was in high school and fell in love with it,” Frykberg said. “When I heard it was up for sale I wanted to keep it local.” Born and raised in Boyne City, Frykberg graduated from Boyne City High School in 2002 and then from Aquinas College in 2007. “I actually heard the people were selling it when I was going into my senior year at college and I thought it would be a great opportunity,” he said.

The greenhouse offers your garden variety plants and flowers and even some more exotic species. “We have shrubs and trees and we do a lot of annuals and perennials,” Frykberg said. “We also deliver flowers locally and across the country.” Frykberg manages the life of a young business owner with the help of his family. “My family helps out here and my aunt comes up from downstate – she used to do florist stuff at a greenhouse in Grand Rapids – she usually comes up around the big holidays to help out,” he said.

Frykberg enjoys his work, and keeps things active in the shop (Photo: C. Faulknor/Boyne City GazetteFrykberg credits the well established name of the greenhouse and the dedication of those owners who came before him for the business’ longevity. Frykberg said owning the greenhouse seems to have been meant to be. “The first week I started working here one of the locals told me I would be the owner of the Boyne Avenue Greenhouse some day and I laughed because I was still in high school,” he said. “It’s kind of funny how things turned out.” Frykberg has no plans to change the name or location of the business, but he would like to expand his number of greenhouses so he may eventually offer more plants.

In honor of the Boyne Avenue Greenhouse’s 110th birthday, Frykberg has planned an evening of food and music that is open to the public. The event is from 6 p.m. To 8 p.m. On Friday Oct. 8. Special guest Elvis will be in attendance. The greenhouse is located at 921 Boyne Ave. in Boyne City. Call (231) 582-6621 for more information.

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