Boyne City Business Guide

Edward May III, Historian
“A Bit of Boyne History”

This poetic Boyne City Business Guide was written by a Mr. W. C. Burdick, a gentleman of some 81 years and first published by the Citizen. The exact date of publication is unknown to me. [private]

Some folks from outside, came to Boyne to reside
And when all their goods were unpacked,
Without much surprise, they found, some supplies
For the kitchen and wardrobe they lacked. 

So the man started out, and looked about
Before he purchases made,
He happened to meet this guy on the street,
And inquired the best place to trade.

I replied, my friend, that may depend
On what you want to buy,
They all are nice, so my advice is, give them each a try.

Some general store, if you look them o’er
May supply what you’re in quest,
Prices compare and then go where
You think you can do best. 

They might suit you on Boyne Avenue,
You will give them a trial or miss it,
When their prices you see “You can take it from me”
You will double your order or “TRIPLETT”.

Then you should stop at “Harry’s” shop
To trade there it would pay.
He has groceries fine and a drygoods line,
And “SAYLES” on every day.

Now near at hand is Kaden’s stand,
No need to further roam.
For your custom he’ll thank, he always is “FRANK”.
And you always will find there a “HOLM”. 

Should your footsteps chance, as you advance,
To out North Park Street lead,
You will find there a “FOX”, on the watch
To furnish what you need. 

And then you see, there’s McNamee,
There you whould meet no loss.
When Joe is present he’s always pleasant,
But his clerk is always “CROSS”. 

Then you should go to see Nurko,
The “Cutrate” store he runs.
To there acquire what you desire,
Might save you some, in funds. 

In any boat that you can float
To find the “A & P”
A cruise you take around the lake,
And there their store you’ll see. 

Extend your trip, ere you equip,
Until you reach Main Street.
Then stop a space at Kahler’s place,
And there a “FRIEND” you’ll meet.

Ascend the hill then, if you will,
Where Lincoln crosses Lake,
N. J. Rovick will turn the trick,
And care for you will take. 

If you want more, the “West End Store”,
In the western end of town,
Without a doubt would fit you out,
Though “PARKER’S” upside down. 

On Pleasant Avenue extend your view,
Another store you’ll see.
If you don’t find what’s on your mind,
You go away “SCOTT” free. 

If you should care to get hardware,
On Water Street there’s a store,
Where you will find things to your mind,
And likely you’ll find “MOORE”. 

Ere you invest, it might be best,
At The Hardware Company’s store,
To prices quote, then you “WILL VOUGHT”
To go there more.

Now if you choose to get new shoes,
Try every other place.
Then look them o’er at the Eagle Store,
Ere you give up the “CHASE”. 

Or suppose, you need new clothes,
When you, your choice have found.
You may know prices are low,
When “LOUIE MARKS” them down. 

When you’ve been around and prices found,
Give Rupert a call and then
Their goods compare for style and wear
With the store for just “mere men”.

If you’d slick you should see Quick,
His charges are not great.
Your pants, you see, bag at the knee,
He’ll crease them while you wait.

To Fleming & Co. is a good place to go.
To make your house “comfy” and neat.
House furnishing things, bed, mattress, and springs,
And carpets and rugs for the feet. 

And then near by you will espy
At the Bergy racket store,
Oodles of toys for girls and boys,
And other things galore. 

Herrick, your rings and lockets and things
Will repair, all neatly and sound,
Or sell new, anything to suit you,
He’s an obliging chap all around. 

If your watch should vary, call on Gerrie,
For whether too fast or too slow,
He is the man, if any one can,
To fix it so it will go. 

Get fruit and meat, on Water Street
At number nineteen
By Tooley and Son, this store is run
You’ll find all fresh and clean. 

If you are sick and need help quick,
No time for a physician,
There is one “CHANCE” more at Hyslop’s store,
He “REX ALL” competition. 

Or, you should know just where to go,
For Wallace’s constant tale is
“For all things fine, in the drug store line,

If you should wish beef, pork, or fish,
Note these important facts,
“SANITARY” and cleanly, very,
You get them all in “SACKS” 

SUBSCRIBE for our paper, ‘tis the proper caper,
If you haven’t done so before
Anything to be had, a “CITIZEN” ad,
Will bring it straight to your door. 

Now if you are faint, or if you ain’t,
But the pangs of hunger feel,
Go feed your face at Kerry’s place,
And get a good square meal. 

The poem was given to me by Hazel Harmeling who received it from her mother Gertie Priebe Leist years ago. Thank you![/private]

Edward May III is a long-time Boyne City resident.  His column appears each week in The Boyne City Gazette.  If you are interested in seeing a specific topic researched for publication, please e-mail or call the Editor at (231) 582-2799.

Edward May III

Curmudgeonly Historian

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