Boyne Performing Arts Center Evaluates Fees

BC Performing Arts Center
The Boyne City Performing Arts Center is a modern, well-equipped venue for all performances and events. (Courtesy Photo/BC Gazette)
The Boyne City School Board considers what is right in regards to the fee structure for renting the popular Performing Arts Center

Joshua Sampson, Staff Writer
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The Boyne City school board presented tentative changes to the performing arts center’s fee schedule during last week’s regular meeting.  The board is pursuing a new payment plan for non-profit and other organizations which could result in some fees increasing and some fees decreasing.[private]

“On Monday night’s meeting there was still some uncertainty,” said Peter Moss, Boyne City Public Schools superintendent. “There are a couple parts they couldn’t find a consensus on.”

The Boyne City Performing Arts Center is a modern, well-equipped venue for all performances and events. (Courtesy Photo/BC Gazette)

Moss said he convened a meeting earlier this week and is looking forward to sharing his findings with the board at next month’s meeting.  The board divided the availability of the Performing Arts Center into six different priority classes.

Class one organizations are defined as Boyne City school programs, while classes two and three are comprised of non-profit organizations and organizations not restricted solely to Boyne City.

These class definitions will decide the organization’s priority when it comes to the usage of the facility.

Class one activities will be the most urgent to the Performing Arts Center and all other events come secondary.

 The policy states: “In the event that a school activity must preempt a previously scheduled (Performing Arts Center) event, minimally 30 days in advance will be given.”

Rental fees, according to the policy, will be charged according to the Boyne City School Board of Education’s predetermined collection rate.

Class one events will have no charge because they are focused inside of the Boyne City High School. Classes two and three will be charged $100 a day to use the Performing Arts Center, and classes four, five and six will be charged $240 a day.

Additional fees include school board approved custodial, supervisory and technical personnel if they are needed. And, if organizations wish to use school equipment, the price will be allocated accordingly.

“There is a fee structure that’s currently in place right now,” said Moss. “Organizations that help the community will be charged less.”

He added, “It’s pretty standard.”

A security deposit, equal to the amount the organization paid for rental of the Performing Arts Center, will be included.  The security deposit will be applied to replacement of equipment and repair costs if anything should be damaged while the facility is in use.  Other costs include a $35 an hour supervisor fee, which appoints a supervisor to be on duty at all times while the Performing Arts Center is in use.  The organization may also be required to provide security for the event to the satisfaction of the superintendent in charge.

“For the groups that want to use it, (the fees) will help maintain the auditorium as it should be,” Moss said.

The plans to adopt the new fees are still in a tentative stage and are currently being examined by the school board.[/private]

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